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**Note: I will be in the OOC chat for most of today (02/15/2013) if you have any questions (member or not) please feel free to come in. I will also be discussing features that will be added to the refurbished group. The link to the chat can be found in the group explanation panel o n the front page and here as well: **


Hello everyone! Kappuke-Ki-Chu here!

I wanted to let you know we're currently looking for one more person to round out our staff to a good even four people! There are perks to staff but also responsibilities.

If you are to be a member of the staff you must know that you will be representing the group, so when handling people in the group and events involved with the group I will hold you to a very high standard! When interacting with people in the group or chats I will hold you to an even higher standard than members so you can set a good example. I'm strict on this and will not tolerate staff members abusing anyone in the group or their powers as a staff ever.

If you're still interested in applying then simply read the expectations below and then fill out the application form and PM it to the GROUP, this way all the staff can view and review the note.

Firstly I'll put this simply, I am receptive to input, not only that but I expect it. I'm looking for someone who can pitch their ideas to the rest of the staff, to come up with events on occasion and help smooth out ideas for the story and events of the group.

I want someone who's at least moderately active, and you will need to be active in chats as much as the group itself so if you can't log into the DA chats or are prone to going away for long periods of time (more than a month at a time) please do not apply.

There will be deadlines in the new group, not often, but a couple times a year (months apart) there will be mandatory events, I work with a three strike system with my members but with staff it's a two strike system. If you miss two mandatory events in a row you will be demoted to members and someone will be promoted in your place.

Naturally I need someone familiar with pokemon and interested in the world of pokemon and more so, interested in this group and its success!

If you're still interested then like mentioned before fill out the application form below and PM it to the GROUP.


Note Title
Eves Garden Staff Application (or something along those lines)

Note Body
DA Username:
How often are you active: (how many days a week do you log in)
Have you ever been a staff member of an rp group before?
Do you have a skype? (the staff uses skype to contact each other, pitch ideas, and discuss the group)
Do you have an application for the group completed already? (this will definitely look good on the application if you do)
Are you able to log into da chats?
Please provide one example for an idea for an event: (It can be a chat event, picture event, plot event etc. but you must have at least one, and if you provide more than one that's perfectly fine and may help you or hurt you depending on the ideas)



Eevee farm madness!!!

For the next month we will be trying to get attention back on the group! If you post a journal advertising for the group in your journals you will be given an eevee shortly AFTER the group opens. If you post a journal, finish your image and written app (minus the pokemon on the image part of the app since no one has their original pokemon anymore) within the time of the Eevee farm madness event, your chances of getting a female eevee (which can be bred for more) will be increased!

the journal doesn't have to be long, it can be as simple as you saying to check out the group and linking the group in it, or as detailed as you writing of a little bit about the group along with links to the group. The journal must be focused on this one group alone (i.e. do just plug this advertisement into a journal with your commission list or any of those "tagged memes", it's A-ok to have the advertisement of this group up with other groups you're advertising in a journal entry though.

Just send a PM to :iconkappuke-ki-chu: or the group with a link to your advertisement so you can be added to the list of recipients!

Also, a sneak peek at some official updates will be up soon, and once again I'll be in chat this afternoon and will be discussing changes to the groups and any questions members have if they come in so please feel free to drop by and chat.
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Gallery Folders

Tecro Isle by Trakker
Eves Garden: Ichigo by Rosbelle
EG: Lynn's App by shadow-assassin
E.G. App: Claire Von Blanchimont by Kappuke-Ki-Chu
EG Trainer: Coraline by Dark-Strings
Daily Life
New Friend by Seikathefish
EG: Pixel Ichigo by Rosbelle
Luxray by vixiebee
I .wish. by Dark-Strings
EG 1 - Begin at the .Start. by Dark-Strings
The Journey Begins(EG 1 Event) by Seikathefish
E.G. Event: The Journey Begins! by Kappuke-Ki-Chu
Templates Resources
Pokemon App by vixiebee


(。・ω・)ノ゙♡ Σ(゚д゚; )

This is a group of friends' original characters thrown into the world of Pokemon, with all the generations mixed together. We gather to rp and share our interests with each other.

The group is undergoing changes and new management. The explanation will be updated later.

:icondivider0plz: Map of Tecro / Navigation / Pokémon Center :icondivider2plz:

Chat room / RP Chat


:bulletorange: Respect other members and staff at all times.
:bulletorange: Any spamming or trolling will lead to a permanent ban from the group.
:bulletorange: No tracing or copying other works is permitted. Everything must be original. If references are allowed, but if used, please state them in your descriptions so we can check.
:bulletorange: Create and play your character to the best of your abilities. Try to avoid making one with Mary-Sue/Gary-Sue tendencies and do not over power them. (God Modding)
:bulletorange: All art submitted to the group must be PG-13. Anything mature must be kept to yourselves or uploaded to other sites for private viewing.
:bulletorange: Please read over any and all group information before asking questions. We want to help, but before you ask, try to help yourself first.
:bulletorange: If rules are broken, you will get two fair warnings. The third time you are banned for good.
:bulletorange: For any inquires or problems, please note the group and not the moderators' pages themselves.








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If this group ever gets up and running again, please let me know! I'd love to come back.~
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is this group still active if so it seems very cool i would love to join it if i can
Michiru-Usagi Featured By Owner May 1, 2012  Student Digital Artist
sorry I haven't been able to submit my trainer and pokemon yet >< Been too busy with mid-terms and all...
furubasuta Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
did i just be the admins friends? idk. o_o lol
Crystias Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012
I forgot to say this earlier, but thanks for inviting me! <3
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